Success Of Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are what every young and little girl likes to have it. They always dream of the world of Disney princesses, they loves these princesses, love how they dress as well loves the way they look. They always like to become like a Disney princess. However, these demands led Walt Disney Company to produce different products of Disney princesses. This led to the success of Disney princesses. Now little girls can have different products whether it be princess dolls sticker books, pajamas, sleeping bags, toothbrushes, vanity tables, digital cameras, cell phones and multi-level Nintendo videogames.

The success of Disney princesses actually paves its way since the Walt Disney Company develops and produces as well as licenses the Disney princess line year round via different consumer products and merchandise. Walt Disney Company also comes up many theatrical releases, home videos, television, theme parks, a website, radio air play, and live entertainment. All these led to the fame of Disney princesses. Now Princess has now become a brand, and it is quite popular among the little girls all over the world. The brand now even overtakes Winnie –the-pooh and also Mickey Mouse company.

When we talk about the Disney Consumer Products, it generally refers to the business operation or division of The Walt Disney Company. The actual work of this business division is to develop products that are basically based on films of Disney or Disney princesses’ movies, TV, as well as music properties. The beginning or the origin of this business division can be traced back to 1929 when Walt Disney personally licensed the image of Mickey Mouse for using a children's writing tablet. However, in the year 1932, Kay Kamen have taken the control of what then became Disney Licensing and further set the industry standard. As we see today, the Disney Princess line that produces the brand designed that touches every aspect of a girl’s live.

Looking at the history, it was just six years ago that the Disney princesses generated hundred million dollars in sales. Disney princesses success is increasing day by day, now we roughly 25,000 different princess dolls worldwide. Moreover, Disney Princess merchandise is sold in almost ninety countries, at the same time has generated $3.4 billion since its launch. This clearly shows the great success of Disney princesses.