History Of Disney Princesses

When we consider about the history of Disney princesses, we can say that it begins in early 2000, when Disney’s Consumer Products division hired Andy Mooney for helping combat dropping sales. The idea for the Disney princess franchise came up during this time. This idea let to the origin of Disney princesses. After Mooney joined Disney, he attended his first Disney on Ice show. When waiting in the line, he was surrounded by the young girls dressed as princesses. They weren’t even Disney products but were generic princess products.

Disney soon realized the demands and later on formed Disney princess line. Looking at the history of Disney princesses, the princesses such as Ariel, Belle Cinderella, and Snow White etc only ruled their own fairytale kingdom in an animated Disney movie. But these days they have become a royal super-sorority known as Disney Princess. In the Disney princesses history, princess movies were made. The first princess movie was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Just 60 years later, after the first movie of princess, new Disney Princess films, videos and CDs, as well as toys have developed. Besides these house wares, electronics, and other different merchandise have also developed. Now Disney Princesses has grown to become Disney's most popular brand. The brand now even overtakes Winnie –the-pooh and also Mickey Mouse company. In its history of Disney princesses, it was just six years ago that the Disney princesses generated hundred million dollars in sales. Today, Disney Princess merchandise is sold in almost ninety countries, at the same time has generated $3.4 billion since its launch.

Andy Mooney also left the Nike company and became the chairperson of the Disney Consumer Products. Looking at Disney research he found that young girls wants to be like just any princess but they want to be princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel from the cartoon movies. According to him, the Disney Princess brand enables a girl to become a part of the world of her favorite princess. Later on he began to develop original movies, music, books, and products. They even have their own "Disney Princess Anthem" to boost their team spirit. This briefly reveals the history behind Disney princesses.