Disney Princesses In Movies

For years, Disney princesses have captured the hearts and the mind of the young children. Each one of the Disney princesses in movies has their own appeal to capture the hearts of everyone. Every one of us enjoys watching these Disney princesses in movies, though we definitely all have our favorites. There are many movies of Disney princesses and these movies are quite popular and loved by the people. The characters of Disney princesses in films are shown beautifully.

There are many different Disney princesses movies, and each Disney princess in movies has their own beauty that captures the hearts and souls of many young children around the world.

Some of the most popular ones are listed below in brief:

Cinderella – This movie is one of the best Disney Princess movies. This movie features the Disney princess Cinderella and almost all the little girl loves this princess. Even they imagine twirling around a ballroom dressed just like Cinderella. Cinderella is one of the classics and is enjoyed by many people of the world. Every child loves to dress like a Cinderella and even the costume is quite easy to find in most retailers. This shows how popular this Cinderella movie is.

Snow White – Snow white is one of the other popular Disney princess movies. Though the ending in this movie is far different from the original fairy tale, the movie is loved and enjoyed by the people. The Snow White dress is also very popular among the young girls. In fact the movie is one of the best classic fairy tales that has been told by Disney.

Little Mermaid – Little Mermaid is not a classic, but the movie is one of the most well known Disney princess movies. The movie has also earned many awards; in comparison to other Disney princesses the character of the Ariel stands out and is the unique feature of this movie. Like all other princess movies it is good versus evil in the end, and of course good wins over evil.

The Princess and the Frog – Among the Disney princess movies; this movie is the newest and is quite popular. Most of the people enjoy watching this movie. This is the first Disney movie that features African American Disney princesses, and the story line is also great. The story of this movie also occurs in New Orleans & features some great jazz music. The princess feature in this movie is princess Tiana. Each of the Disney princesses in movies said above is quite popular and the movies are greatly enjoyed by the people.