Disney Princesses At Disneyland

This article will focus on the Disney princesses at Disneyland. All the Disney princesses are available in the Disneyland Resort in California for meet-n-greets. The Disneyland resort is basically owned & operated by The Walt Disney Company. It’s a home of two theme parks; there are three hotels and a shopping, dining and entertainment area. Let’s know in brief about the Disney princess of Disneyland in the following article.

As mentioned above, at Disneyland all the popular Disney princesses are available. The well known Disneyland princesses at this resort include Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Tiana, Princess Minnie and Ariel. All these Disney princesses are very popular among the little girls all over the world. Among these Disney princesses Snow White is the oldest, apart from this, some of the classic princesses which are still very popular among the young girls includes Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

Princess Ariel also brings young girls into the new world of imagination. This princess is little different from other princesses as she is a mermaid. This princess is also available at Disneyland mermaid. Disney princesses that appeared at Disneyland such as Jasmine, Mulan, Tiana, and Princess Minnie are all new Disney princesses. These are popular Disney princesses of Disneyland. At this resort, Snow White has her own ride called as Snow White’s Scary Adventures. In the year, 2006, Fantasyland Theater started hosting the Disneyland Princess Fantasy Faire as a part of Year of Millions Dreams celebration.

The above mentioned show i.e. Disneyland Princess Fantasy Faire has Lords and Ladies who teaches the proper etiquette for a princess to the little girls. The show further has features appearances by the Disney Princesses themselves. At Disneyland, young and little girls who love Disney Princesses have the opportunity to meet their favorite Disney princess. Moreover, the popular Disney princesses are also featured in parades and shows throughout the resort, including Fantasmic, A Christmas Fantasy Parade and Disney’s Electrical Parade.