Marketing Disney Princesses

It is a well known fact that to every little girl Disney princesses are the most precious possession. They love Disney princesses; love how they dress and how they look like. Princess is now become a mega brand today. Here we will be discussing about marketing Disney princesses. Princess being a mega brand, also a part of global marketing machine shrewdly designed to accessorize young girls with all the sparkly merchandise their little heart’s desire. Read on to know brief details on Disney princesses marketing.

When we consider about merchandising Disney princesses, throughout the world, there are roughly 25,000 different princess dolls. Apart from this, there are also sticker books, pajamas, sleeping bags, toothbrushes, vanity tables, digital cameras, cell phones and multi-level Nintendo videogames. This is what we see in the Disney princesses market. All these merchandise or products are widely popular among the young girls. The princess line even earned one hundred million dollars as an annual revenue five years back. And later year, it’s projected to hit $3 billion.

The main reason behind the success of Disney princesses market may likely be said as: little girls always remember their first encounter with their Disney princesses. Even after their grown up, they continue to pass on their love for those Disney princesses by introducing to their own siblings and daughters. Although little girls mature faster yet these Disney princesses let these girls’ remains as a child for a little longer time. Disney aims to emancipate girls with the moral stories about virtues of integrity, honor, discovery, friendship, and love. When you market Disney princesses, you only make these princesses more popular among the people all over the world.

For little girls, Disney princesses bring a new world of imagination. These girls always want to dress like a Disney princess, like the way they look. It is a world Disney has invented or created – with full of fantasy & romance- where a girl can feel as special as a princess. Today, the princesses Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas and Sleeping Beauty are no longer identified only with their isolated fairy tales. Princess became a brand, which is very popular among the young girls. The above article briefly informs you about marketing Disney princesses.